Smack That Pivot

Smack That Pivot will be published in Ara’s 4th book, due March 2018. Pre-order here:



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UPDATE 02/18/2018: Final story list and story order is posted. 60 pre-orders remain. Pre-order your copy now!

I’m producing a collection of my best short and mid-length stories from the last five years, work which has never been published on paper—thirty in all. Each story has an artwork or photograph, which will appear with the story. That’s thirty color plates of original material. The price will be $19.95 delivered in the USA, and $27.95 international.

I’m publishing 125 copies in the first run, 100 of which will be sold on a pre-order basis.

All you have to do: Post a comment saying you would like a copy, and I will respond with your pre-order number and will add you to the list.

No money is needed at this time. Once I have enough orders (sometime in the March 2018 timeframe), I will let you know the money is due. You will receive your signed copy in about 2 weeks after payment. Anticipated publication date is March 2018.

If you buy two or more copies (I personalize and gift-ship), I will include 5 of my photo greeting cards in your order, a $20 value.

This printing will be limited to 125 copies, so all sales will be upfront as pre-orders. This allows me a handful of copies for promotional use. I do not plan for sales after publication.

Basic details are: 5.5” x 8.5” softcover, approximately 150 pages plus 30 color pages, 5 fiction stories / 25 non-fiction, (no poetry), professionally designed cover, perfect-bound with the best paper and glossy cover stock.

Below you’ll find the list of subject titles. I am very excited to bring this material to life! Will you support me in this project? It only works if we reach the goal of 100 pre-orders.


  1. Story #1 (with 2 photos)
  2. A Sunny Day on West Street (fiction, with photograph)
  3. The Hook of Respective Longevity (with photograph)
  4. The Agreeable Man (with artwork- Medallion)
  5. Smack That Pivot (with artwork- Wisdom)
  6. In The Hallway (fiction, with artwork- The Shelleron)
  7. Across the Bridge (with photograph)
  8. This Man (with photograph)
  9. The Glass Lady of Los Angeles (with photograph)
  10. Find The Willing (with artwork- Joined)
  11. Utican (with artwork of the same name)
  12. Hidden House (with photograph)
  13. The Legacy (fiction, with photograph)
  14. My Kind (with photograph)
  15. Embrace (with artwork of the same name)
  16. “Do You Think Less of Me?” (with artwork- City)
  17. Her Painted Room (with photograph collage)
  18. Goodbye to a Friend (with two photographs)
  19. What a Deaf Cat Can Teach Us (with two photographs)
  20. Who Carries The Show? (with artwork- The Carney)
  21. Hatsuyo’s Lasting Impression (with artwork- Hiko)
  22. Memorial Day parts 1, 2, and 3 (with diorama photography)
  23. Depression-Era Artifacts Found in Wall (w/ ten pages of color photos)
  24. Fragile Life (with artwork- August No. 8)
  25. Uncautious (with artwork of the same name)
  26. The Family and the Empty Nester (with photograph)
  27. Fork in the Road (with photograph)
  28. The Wheels of Time Grind Slowly But Fine (with artwork of the same name)
  29. Trace Renee (with photograph)
  30. The Cryless Class (fiction, with photograph)


Samples of images for the March 2018 book:

Photos sized

Artwork for book 3x



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Find The Willing

Find The Willing will be published in Ara’s 4th book, due in Martch 2018. Pre-order the book here:



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She Runs

She was a new car once. She was scrutinized, negotiated, fawned over, and loved. This gray Plymouth Valiant Signet was shiny, true and new, over fifty years ago. Today she runs as a beater on Manhattan Beach’s posh streets, the plaything of an uncautious man.

In 1963, she had a life, a function, and a family to carry to school. She took dad to work and mom to the grocery store. She won the Society of Illustrators’ Styling Award and was part of a record sales year.

The years ground on, the Sixties gave way to the Seventies and this special gray car discovered the road felt harder as she dried out and aged. Her owners waxed and then waned, died off or gave up caring very much. Today she just gets along, never bothered being locked, never bothered being stolen, gassed up for just a few dollars at a time, hasn’t seen a full tank since Nixon.


Ara Hagopian’s third book is out now:

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The Hook of Respective Longevity

On a short alley lot at Perkins Cove, Maine, a small hook holds a chain together. This metal forging is very old, perhaps older than seventy years. Today her job is lightweight duty; she keeps tourists off private property.

This old hook is retired; this was not her first calling. We may ask, what was her job of yesteryear? Was she fitted to a proud ship, worked by a crew who perhaps never gave thought to the concept of respective longevity?

I will be utilized so long as I’m useful. I can work if my construction exceeds my strain. I can outlast my creator if men take care of me. I can outlast Man if men need me.

A hundred years ago a metalsmith forged a hook and loop out of steel. He used the skills of his eyes, arms and hands to form her just so. He pulled the finished hook from the cooling water bucket, took off his gloves and held it in his hand. “You will outlast me,” he said to the beautifully-fashioned, warm-wet steel. “You’ll raise great nets of fish or carefully lower a ton of timber, and men will trust you with their lives. If they do their job, they know you will do yours.

“You’re two solid pounds and are vulnerable to being cut, thrown away, melted or otherwise destroyed,” he told his creation. “But you will succumb to none of those things. You will endure because you are useful. And only fools squander usefulness.”


Ara Hagopian’s latest book:

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The Family and the Empty Nester

This story will be published in my March 2018 book, details are here:



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Palnita, Art of the Ancient Americans

Palnita, Art of the Ancient Americans (pen and ink, 2011) is an abstract drawing inspired by the inhabitants of North America, as they existed approximately twelve thousand years ago.

The blues, greys and greens form a purposeful shape that evokes the original Americans’ way of life. The drawing’s outline of an arrowhead, axe, and pummel represents the basic tools for hunting, defense, and construction—the essentials for living.

The intricate interior design of man reaching across open country symbolizes the peoples’ journey from the Bering land passage from Asia to the northwestern edge of North America, with outstretched fingers straining to find an allegorical coast of perpetuity that was just out of reach.

The sizable emerald formation at the heart of the drawing represents the land’s natural riches, while the obsidian dagger symbolizes the rituals and faiths of the thousands of tribes who inhabited the great continent.

Ara Hagopian’s latest book:

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