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Model Dioramas 2017

Below are the dioramas I set in 2017. These pictures were made in the first 5 months of the year. After the month of May, I took a break to detail several tank models, and for the fall, I got … Continue reading

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Model Dioramas 2016

Below is a collection of my scale model photographs produced in 2016. ### ABOUT: Ara Hagopian’s third book was released in 2016:    

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Honoring Pearl Harbor with a drawing

On December 7th, 1941, Japanese forces attacked the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Among the 2,390 military and civilians killed, ranging from 3 months to 66 years old, nearly twelve-hundred servicemen died on the battleship USS ARIZONA. … Continue reading

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Literate War Photography

*Bookmark this page as I will be updating this article with new photographs and specifics on each shot.* UPDATE SUMMER 2015: The first book in the Literate War series is out now. THE FIERY WINDS is the story of a WWII army … Continue reading

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Flag Garden at Boston Common

On Memorial Day last year, a flag garden was planted on the Boston Common. The flag garden was impactful on several levels. The organizers had made the effort; the city granted the permit; and the public treated the tribute with … Continue reading

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The Attic Trunk

It was the summer of 1978. The three of us, thirteen-year-old neighborhood boys, stood in front of the old abandoned Maxim house. Old lady Maxim had been dead for a few years. She’d been a crabby one, to us, to … Continue reading

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One Small Boat in the Dunkirk Rescue

Alice Prichard stood on the dock and scanned the dozens of dissimilar boats as they approached. The sea was filled with craft! Soldiers half her age disembarked, giddy with the prospect of being back in England—of being alive—after their Expeditionary Force … Continue reading

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