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Smack That Pivot

Do you remember what you did? It was a long time ago, forty-one years ago this December. I was eleven. You were what, thirteen, fourteen? I ask this because you were bigger, and in a higher grade. I wish you’d … Continue reading

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NON-FICTION, 820 words. One day last fall at Brothers deli, I became acquainted with a charming lady in her seventies. I had plenty of free time and she said she did as well, being recently retired. I sat with her … Continue reading

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Made in America

The Made in America photograph is a blend of two centuries, where a ninety-year-old sidewalk provided an entrance for a beautiful lady—a lady of today—who’s on the go. Both subjects capture our attention with their unique charms. The 1920’s-era Massachusetts … Continue reading

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The Cryless Class

FICTION. 2,565 words. Her name was Kay. She was seven years old, and attended an elementary school in north suburban Massachusetts. Every so often, maybe two or three times a month, Kay would cry in class. Her barely audible sobs … Continue reading

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The Attic Trunk

It was the summer of 1978. The three of us, thirteen-year-old neighborhood boys, stood in front of the old abandoned Maxim house. Old lady Maxim had been dead for a few years. She’d been a crabby one, to us, to … Continue reading

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Boy Soldiers

And the boys marched because it was something to do, they headed across their small town and the open countryside to engage in battle, first gathering their gear and then mobilizing their munitions and cannon, the fighting taking place yard … Continue reading

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