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A Genuine Moment in Time

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe my idea isn’t as much of a grabber as I think. Here it is: What if we discovered, today, a locked-in-amber moment that took place 84-years ago? A moment that was an exchange between two people, … Continue reading

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Depression-era Artifacts Discovered in Home Renovation

During an Everett, Massachusetts home renovation, dozens of Depression-era objects were found in a wall. Among the items was a full pre-teen’s purse, lost between an attic wall and the unfinished floor rafters.  Also discovered was a partial paystub, a … Continue reading

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Slip of Paper Marks End of Pre-Web Era

NON-FICTION, 580 words. Copyright 2012 Ara Hagopian. A recent article, Hidden treasures in old books, examined in detail a postcard that had remained tucked in a 1943 magazine for nearly 70 years. Today we’ll take a look at another piece … Continue reading

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