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Excited to Explore What I Have

You can travel, or you can explore right here at home. You can find something new on a trip by car or plane, or you can make a discovery in your reading room’s bookshelf. You can be honest with yourself … Continue reading

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What’s coming in 2023?

Let’s take a look at what I’ll be producing for you this year. Last year was the tenth anniversary of The Literate Show, a site where I pair a single original photograph or illustration with writing, to make a story. … Continue reading

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No, Yes

You can be stopped in one cruel way, or you can go in many wonderful ways.

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Gate Theory of Personal Relationships

What a long way to walk to find there’s a gate blocking my way. Inglorious in means and forgive me for not seeing it coming from you. Forgive me, too, for stopping your own passage. My friend, when I entered … Continue reading

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The But Eraser

I love my cousin Fredrickson, but he is so arrogant at the family reunions. How can we possibly be related? He acts like a pig, and please don’t tell me who you voted for. He has poor manners and honestly, … Continue reading

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Where We Want To Be

I’m here because this is where I want to be. Oh, you say, every person would be elsewhere if they could. And so, why wouldn’t I want to be where there’s better food? A nicer home? Safer streets? More liberty? … Continue reading

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Your Impression

If someone was to describe what you are, they could say you’re rough and dirty. Anyone would say it, because it’s the truth. Step back, pause, and look again; I see something else. The hardness that is your being holds … Continue reading

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Remember Who Wins Forgets

Historically, people who trail tend to pick over what’s left in the wakes of winners. Winners make wakes, which means, winners are going forward. Winners move any way they can, not any way they are allowed to. And not in … Continue reading

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To The Lady I Met

I’m not a fan of ingredients, but I’m a big fan of the soup. People, roaming randomly, bring me nothing; people, gathered, and talking, is everything. It was 7PM, July 3rd 2021 at the Harris Teeter on Palm Boulevard. You … Continue reading

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I want you back home. I want you to walk the perimeter of our town’s public park again, Glens Falls New York. Remember how it felt, to get out there in the early morning, when it was just the birds … Continue reading

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