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I Am Open to New Opportunities

I am open to new opportunities. I am seeking a new opportunity. These are similar thoughts, and the passive and active differences have something to do with the degree of urgency. A question for you: If you too are open, … Continue reading

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Defeating the Divide

How can we possibly span the obvious gap between us? You are on one side, I’m on the other, and our separation is long enough, and deep enough, to forever cause our split. The fact is, we happen to be … Continue reading

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The Agreeable Man

Several years ago, I would visit my mother-in-law at a Massachusetts elder residence center. She lived on the memory care floor, which was for those with dementia, or other severe memory loss associated with age. The residents required constant looking … Continue reading

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No One Told the Forest to Grow Flat

Joy is a shared discovery. Picture this, thirty-six years ago. An art history teacher showed his class a series of photographic slides he took during a trip to Mexico, and afterwards a student went home and thought about what she … Continue reading

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Don’t Tread On Us

Being free is the pleasure of not being monitored. Remember when you were a kid? You’d head out the door on a Saturday morning, not a care in the world. It didn’t matter whether you had a plan or not. … Continue reading

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Where We Want To Be

I’m here because this is where I want to be. Oh, you say, every person would be elsewhere if they could. And so, why wouldn’t I want to be where there’s better food? A nicer home? Safer streets? More liberty? … Continue reading

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The sun sets and casts defining shadows the mid-day never knows. Bright daylight bleaches details that would go unnoticed, save for the setting sun. If you’re not a late-day walker, you won’t see these vital notes. If all you know … Continue reading

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The Explorer

When I was about five-years-old, I loved model vehicles. Toy motorcycles, race cars, jet planes and spaceships were my thing. I loved the toys, and not the real examples, because the smaller versions were on my level– I could relate … Continue reading

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Your gifts have filled my days with encouragement. When I’ve deserved nothing, when I was at my repetitive worst, you placed your hands in that barren field and pulled out something good. You turned to me with your arms outstretched … Continue reading

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Grand Train

Grand Train, what wonders are you bringing to town? Everyone’s eager and awaiting your arrival. When will your bright light show you the way to our smiling faces and waving arms? People have ordered many things, and stand patient for … Continue reading

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