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THE LEAVES OF YOUTH— A new collection of original poems. Lifelong artist and writer Ara Hagopian has selected 100 of his best poems from the pages of his youth—the “leaves” of loose handwritten papers he kept hidden in an old … Continue reading

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I Fought The Bully

FICTION. 400 words. I fought the bully and it’s still going on. I’ve walked with him, I was in his group, it was so easy to get along. All I had to do was serve his whim, stick to his … Continue reading

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Nika, the Cold War Canine

In January 1961, during a night time border reconnaissance, one of America’s newest tanks, the M60, got stuck in a small but exposed ravine in the forbidden no-man’s land between West Germany and Soviet-controlled Czechoslovakia. The M60, introduced to the … Continue reading

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In The Hallway

FICTION, 460 words. I heard your voice today. Associated Aircraft was decommissioning the old plant and I was in that hallway, our hallway, the one you and I used to walk together each morning and afternoon during our breaks for … Continue reading

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Literate War Photography

*Bookmark this page as I will be updating this article with new photographs and specifics on each shot.* UPDATE SUMMER 2015: The first book in the Literate War series is out now. THE FIERY WINDS is the story of a WWII army … Continue reading

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The Cryless Class

FICTION. 2,565 words. Her name was Kay. She was seven years old, and attended an elementary school in north suburban Massachusetts. Every so often, maybe two or three times a month, Kay would cry in class. Her barely audible sobs … Continue reading

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The Legacy

FICTION, 1,500 words. I was building a house to start a life on some good acreage of farmland in northern Massachusetts. A place to raise my young family; a town with good people and new friends. New friends like Tom, … Continue reading

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