I can’t see you; can you hold my hand? Your voice is assuring and your presence is appreciated.

Can you help me get steady? I promise, it will only take a moment. Even though I know, you need steadying yourself.

I was shaken so badly last night. Yes by the wind, but that’s nothing new to oldtimers. What shook me was a change, in me, something I can only describe but can’t explain.

The forestry people have checked me and tested me, tested my trunk, asked me to tell them again: “What happened to you Sunday? But you were feeling normal Saturday?” And after listening to me, and me listening to them, they told me the odds. There’s a 33% chance I won’t be right again.

Hold my hand. I can’t hear you. Your sureness fills me up and our interlock secures. To what direction?

Thankful that you’re here.

About Ara Hagopian's The LITERATE Show

For over thirty years, I have enjoyed drawing beautiful shapes and writing complementary stories. The imagery tends to focus on our place in the world—whomever or whatever we may be. I am influenced by Twentieth Century history—I read vintage magazines, books and letters. Inspiration comes from visualizing human achievement and personal interaction—derived from people, places and things which may be obscure, but never insignificant. My pen-and-ink THE MAGNIFICENT RECOVERY was selected by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston for their 2008 summer art auction.
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