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Starting Over

Last weekend early morning I got a call from my buddy Felix, he needed help moving another buddy. I gave him a quick lesson. His friend needed help. But he, Felix, wanted help. Needs may get taken care for free, … Continue reading

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My Best Friend

You were my best friend. Wakefield, early spring, 1980. We were two fourteen-year-olds who were introduced to each other by a troublemaker, and his bringing us together was the one good thing that kid did all year. He wanted something … Continue reading

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Empty the Jar of Humanity

I don’t care about the stuff you’re made of, or your size, or where you live. What matters is your utility, how you put your talents to good use. Have you disbursed what you’ve been given throughout your life? Not … Continue reading

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Stop Listening and Learn To Just Be Silent

Are you ready to learn something unexpected? If youth is fondly recalled, and youth is about new experiences, then think about the associations of new, as a concept. New is exciting! Are you ready? Stop listening, and learn to just … Continue reading

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The Empty Wishing Well

This is a nursing home’s wishing well. Take a look at it. It’s full of dust; empty of water. It’s encrusted with circular stains, absent of the coins that were responsible for those scarred outlines. Also absent are the visitors … Continue reading

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