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Fixing the Moon

When I look at the moon, I think: Wow, we gotta fix that thing. The moon’s been struck pretty badly, given its four-billion year life. Its lack of atmosphere allows meteor strikes, and the windless plains deny leveling forces, forces … Continue reading

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One Year Ago: February 21, 2020

Plain Grass
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The Biggest Move

The biggest movement is stopping. That was what I was thinking in regards to art, which is my life. Too many times, when I’m busy, pre-occupied, and simply being functional, I don’t stop from points A to B. That is … Continue reading

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An Inconsequential Being

If you ever want to see the evolution of thought, on the topic of life–such as animal life and plant life, then do no more than to look back to yourself. Think of how you treated living things when you … Continue reading

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