The Way Home

The Way Home illustrates the story of a woman who’s chosen to leave a routine life to pursue her dreams in a faraway city. She’s decided to break from established family ways in order to venture out on her own.

Her family and friends, represented as ten diamond-shaped stationkeepers in alternating purple and blue, remain in their secure and familiar surroundings.

For her adventure to unfold, our protagonist has aligned herself at a markedly different angle than her peers. She has to think differently, act independently, and not without heartache for those left behind. Her re-alignment reveals a long but illuminated trail that leads to a new way. Her friends never see this wondrous cross-cut path of unique colors; their view is a green pattern that suggests fields of timelessness.

Our heroine’s future lies behind the proverbial golden door to the city.

The lengthy horizon evokes the line of a woman sleeping on her side: Head at left, hip in the middle, and leg to the right. She has found her way home.


Ara Hagopian’s latest book is available now:

The Way Home (2009)

About Ara Hagopian's The LITERATE Show

For over thirty years, I have enjoyed drawing beautiful shapes and writing complementary stories. The imagery tends to focus on our place in the world—whomever or whatever we may be. I am influenced by Twentieth Century history—I read vintage magazines, books and letters. Inspiration comes from visualizing human achievement and personal interaction—derived from people, places and things which may be obscure, but never insignificant. My pen-and-ink THE MAGNIFICENT RECOVERY was selected by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston for their 2008 summer art auction.
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