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A Sunny Day on West Street

  A Sunny Day on West Street will appear in Ara’s 4th book, due March 2018. Available only through pre-order:

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Utican (drawn in 2009) represents the world that lies within the past of an extraordinary person or entertainment production. We don’t typically see this interior; we’re not privy to it; we can’t even imagine it. Up till now, we’ve just … Continue reading

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The Wheels of Time Grind Slowly But Fine

The Wheels of Time Grind Slowly But Fine (drawing made in 2009). The drawing’s concept is exemplified by the Harry Morgan character in To Have and Have Not, the novel by Ernest Hemmingway. It’s conceivable that no-nonsense Harry would say … Continue reading

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A Poetry Reading in the Corporate Workplace

It wasn’t going to be a quiet morning. The corporation I work for has an active cafeteria where employees are encouraged to utilize the common-area space at their leisure, and the cafe can get noisy. But it’s good noise, because … Continue reading

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