The Muse

I was drawing, and you guided my hand. I never thought I’d know a person like you. And you love me.

I was writing, and didn’t have anyone to show it to. I thought of you and suddenly I was so small, and the words were large. You asked me to step inside this range of immense scale. As I looked at the writing in this new way, up close, the paragraphs had a thickness through the paper, a depth that traded microns for miles. I held out my hands as far as they could reach and new words tumbled towards me, ideas to last a lifetime.

Thanks, of course, to you.

You showed me one kind of spirit. This spirit boils away all that we accumulate, all we burden our love with.

You told me to take the hooks out of love. Take the hinges off, scrape the paint, peel off the placards. Love isn’t that kind of door.

My finger traces your eyebrow and I’ve drawn a mountain range. I hear your voice and my protagonist strikes off in an exciting direction. You look at the sun and my camera’s viewfinder is shaded from glare.

There is something that makes a man and a woman exceed flesh and blood. I am forever happy that you are my Muse.


ABOUT: Ara Hagopian has published two softcover books: and


About Ara Hagopian's The LITERATE Show

For over thirty years, I have enjoyed drawing beautiful shapes and writing complementary stories. The imagery tends to focus on our place in the world—whomever or whatever we may be. I am influenced by Twentieth Century history—I read vintage magazines, books and letters. Inspiration comes from visualizing human achievement and personal interaction—derived from people, places and things which may be obscure, but never insignificant. My pen-and-ink THE MAGNIFICENT RECOVERY was selected by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston for their 2008 summer art auction.
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